Symptoms For Carcinoma Of Testis

Carcinoma of the testis can greatly affect both adult men and young men, who are even 15 years of age. This is why it is very important that men are constantly aware of carcinoma of the testis and all the different symptoms so that they will be able to solve the problem as soon as possible.


There are different symptoms you can suffer from, but in many cases you might not feel anything which is why regular physical tests are very important. You should also know that just because you have a lump on testicles or in different parts of your body that this means that you have testicular cancer.


The main symptoms of testicular cancer include a swelling testicle which can either be painful or not. You can also have a feeling of heaviness and swelling around the scrotum and testicle area. You might also feel continuous unease and pain around the testicle and scrotum area.


Sometimes, you will feel pain in the back area and pelvis. This is a very important symptom that can’t be ignored as this might mean that the cancer might have spread to other areas. There might also be different fluids collection in the testicles. Many other diseases other than testicular cancer can also have exactly the same symptoms like hydrocele and andinguinal. There are different things you can expect when you except when you consult your doctor.


Sometimes, this can evolve to penis cancer which is also dangerous. The most important thing is for you to remember that it is completely normal for you to feel nervous. However, rest assured that there’s nothing to feel ashamed from and that the doctor will do everything he can to help you and cure you.


The first things the doctor will probably do would be to sit down with you and allow you to explain briefly of what the symptoms you are feeling are. Then he will conduct a physical test where he will check the testicle and scrotum area for any lumps or unusual swelling.


He might check the abdomen area as well for any unusual swelling. If he finds that there is something that is unusual, he might then conduct an ultrasound where this will allow the doctor to have an internal clearer view of what the testicles look like.


He will also ask you to get different kinds of blood tests so that he can check your enzyme, protein, and hormone level. This is important as this will help him understand what you are suffering from is the results turn out to be unusual.


If the result ends up that you do in fact have testicular cancer, then the doctor will conduct a surgery so that he can remove the cancer tissues. After that, you will also have to go through many defining surgeries.


If the carcinoma of the testis is very serious, the doctor will have to remove the infected testicle as well to even prevent the cancer from spreading to other body areas. You must always remember to follow the doctor’s instructions after the surgery to prevent the cancer from coming back.

Symptoms For Carcinoma Of Testis
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