Problems Brought By Penile Carcinoma

Living good healthy lives is the desire of most people. Disease such as penis cancer which affects the male penis is a type of penis cancer that is reported to form a growth on that part of the body. When it begins, very few people barely notice since the growth is usually painless.


Later on, when the disease has developed and has begun to release some discharges, those are the times when many experience pains. At this stage, it is usually at its developed stage and no effort will help to save a patient.


Initially, when the penis cancer is in its early stages, patients are said to have been detected with difficulties in erection, which is brought about by this disease. Unfortunately the disease at its final stages has always been proven to be fatal.


Since this disease affects the most private part of a man’s body, many patients are forced to stay away from seeking medical help, due to fear and embarrassments. They delay in seeking treatment not knowing that penile carcinoma is developing in their body gradually.


The more one delays to seek help, the worse the disease becomes, which presents problems later on, finally leading to a condition where the patients are forced to seek medical help.


In the recent past physicians have not advised patients with penile carcinoma well by offering then  over the counter medications such as antibiotics some of which instead of helping patient solve the underlying problem have lead them in delaying to seek treatment. This has worsened with time. The delay in seeking medical attention by many patients has proven to be very fatal and damaging to the private part!


The condition has also been known to worsen especially among those who have not been circumcised lesion or an unsightly wound are seen to form under the penis skin and also on the head of the penis were it occurs. It’s only the doctors after close examination, who can suggest the right treatment for such a patient.


Penis cancer has been treated with surgery, but doctors determine the type of surgery to be performed on a patient based on the stage of the cancer. If in the early stages, resection is often done and when at its developed stage, appendectomy is likely to be considered. This often required the reconstruction of the penis to gain better results.

Finally, since penis cancer is a rare cancer to present its self in medical fields, not many doctors have mastered the much needed experience, to fully treat this condition that affects the penis. The treatment of cancer has in the past, resulted into many deaths, causing doctors be discouraged by certain treatments they had in the past.


These were used to cure patients who had this condition. It is believed that, if a better effective way to remove the palpable node can be achieved, then the cancer can be managed. But the fact shouldn’t be forgotten that in the past patients have died, when these nodes were being removed from their bodies.

Problems Brought By Penile Carcinoma
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