Find Out More About Testicular Cancer Signs

Testicular Cancer is the condition at which cells of the testicle becomes malignant or cancerous in either one or both testicles. The testicles that are also known as the testes are pairs of male sex glands and their work is to produce and store sperms. They are also the main source of testosterone which is the male hormones that are in charge of the controlling duty of the reproductive organs among other responsibilities. Their location is right under the penis in a sac like pouch that is called the scrotum.


Looking at the characteristics of the cells of the tumor, you will find that testicular cancer is divided in to seminomas and nonseminomas. The rest of the types of testicular cancers are minor and therefore, they are stated here. Under seminomas, there are classic, anaplastic or the spermatocytic. On the other hand, nonseminomas also have its branches that namely choriocarcinoma, embyonal carcinoma, teratoma and the yolk sac tumor. However, testicular can be found with either of the two seminomas and the nonseminomas cells.


One percent of the Men in the United States have been accounted to have testicular cancer. Sadly, 8,000 men are diagnosed with this cancer and 390 of them; die every year out of the same problem. The age that is highly affected is between 20 and 39 and the problem happens to be the common form of cancer between the age of 15 to 34 in men and mostly, the white men of the Scandinavian descent. It is just recent that the testicular cancer has been spotted in the black men and it is increasing at a high rate which started 40 years ago.


The causes of testicular cancer are not yet well known but the chances of a man getting the problem is when there is: undescended testicle. This is the problem that takes place in the womb. The testicles fail to develop fully before the child is born. The risk is highly increases with the males with testicles that do not fully do not fully go down to the scrotum and it never changes even after a surgery is done for them to go down the scrotum and it happens to both testicles.

Men with congenital abnormalities are at a higher risk of testicular cancer. There are men that are born with abnormal testicles, penis, kidneys and the same with those with inguinal hernia. Hernia in this case is in the groin area where the thigh binds to the abdomen and people with the problem are posed with a big testicular cancer risk.


Men who have had testicular cancer before have yet another problem of developing cancer to the remaining testicle. If a man had testicular cancer and the testicle affected was removed, the remaining testicle is left with yet the same risk since chances are that the same testicle will still be affected by testicular cancer. Family history of testicular cancer is another form of getting cancer. If there is a member of the family how once had testicular cancer, a man in the family poses the same danger of getting testicular cancer.

Find Out More About Testicular Cancer Signs
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