Early Diagnosis And Treatment For Testicular Cancer

If you find a lump is any of your testicles, you shouldn’t automatically assume that you are suffering from a serious disease. However, it is very important that you still consult your doctor right away especially if the lump increase in size and is causing you extreme pain.

However, there have been different reports that most patients who have suffered from testicular cancer are not pain in this testicle area but experience pain the abdominal or scrotum area. In both cases, you should get it check out right away. There are many different reasons behind why a lump might occur. One of the main reasons is Hydrocele which results from a trauma inflammation, or trauma which usually leads to different fluids being accumulated in the testicles. You will notice this as this lead to scrotum enlargement.

However, it isn’t that serious and it can easily be cured by a simple surgical operation. Spermatocele is another reason which is one of the most popular types of cysts and can result due to the epididymis being constantly scarred or from infection. Most of the cysts will consist of sperms and different fluids. Haematocele is another reason which are also lumps found around the testicle. This is more serious as it results to blood accumulating in the scrotum.

Another reason is Varicocele which occurs when there is a sudden enlargement in the veins. However, it is also not that serious and can easily be cured by a doctor. The main reason behind testicular cancer is from germ and sperms cell. However, cells that aren’t germs can also cause testicular cancer.

People who always have cancer genes in his family or have a history of Cryptorchidism or Dysgenesis are most likely to suffer from testicular cancer in their life.  Testicular cancer has a good prognosis if it is detected during the beginning stages where it has been announced that almost 96% of patients who has testicular cancer have been successfully cured.

Early diagnosis can also prevent the patient from further problems such as disabling. Different methods to diagnose any lump are to take a physical test or an examination of the family’s history. When you are conducting the physical test, the doctor will touch around to sense the lumps and record it size and condition. If he has a feeling that there might be cancer, he will also examine your lower abdomen and other body parts.

The doctor will also examine your medical history in order to get an idea if you were born with an anomaly of you have has previous infections or traumas that could have caused this. Another popular method is Trans Illumination which is a simple procedure that involves the doctor shining special light on the lump to detect whether the testicle has any unusual fluids stored in them or not. Another popular method is ultrasound which is a simple procedure that involves inspecting the organ walls using sound waves where the image is then transferred to a digital monitor.

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