Diagnose And Treatments For Carcinoma Of Testis

If you are suffering from carcinoma of the testis, it can easily be treated. This is why it is very important that you immediately contact a doctor if you feel that you are suffering from any unusual symptoms like swelling testicles or a lump on testicle so that he can conduct all the necessary tests needed.


There are different tests that are conducted like the physical tests. This usually involves the doctor sitting down with you where you have to explain to him what exactly you’re feeling and he will also feel the infected area around. You will also have to go through many different blood tests.


This is very important as the doctor needs to test different enzymes and hormones like beta, HCG, and fetoprotein to determine if you really have testicular cancer or not. However, there is a problem which is if the testicular cancer or penis cancer is in its early stages, the blood tests will be absolutely normal.


Another test is ultrasound and this is what a doctor conducts when he strongly feels that something is wrong with you. This is also used to check for anything abnormal around the testicle and scrotum area. It is conducted by using waves that have a high frequency which can clearly show whether the size of the tumor is small or large.


This is important as detecting the size can’t be done using a simple physical test. Tumor biopsy is a very important step as well. Due to the extremely high chance of infection and contamination of the cancer from conducting scrotal biopsies, the best thing is to conduct a simple biopsy. This is done by removing the infected area by an incision and then the tissue removed is still examined. This will also help the doctor determine exactly what type of cancer you are suffering more. Usually you will find that you have seminoma or teratocarcinoma.


More tests will have to be conducted if the cancer has unfortunately spread to other areas. Men, who have a history in their family of having testicular cancer, have a higher chance of suffering from testicular cancer.

Race also plays an important factor as research has been proven that testicular cancer is more popular in white men. Hispanic and Asian men are also most likely to suffer from testicular cancer than other races.


Age doesn’t play a huge factor either as both adult men and young teenagers can suffer from testicular cancer but it is easily treated with young teenagers as their bodies have better immunity. However, you should know that doctors have a lot of experience with hundreds of patients before you and that they will do everything in their willpower to cure you and make you feel comfortable.


Curing testicular cancer can take up to three months or a couple of years depending on how widespread it is. A great idea would be for you to take a family member or close friend to support you during this.

Diagnose And Treatments For Carcinoma Of Testis
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