Causes Of Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is a very dangerous illness and until date, the cause is not yet determined. It is said that most of the cancers run in families but when it comes to the testicular cancer, it is different since it never runs in families. Therefore some reasons that could get a man prone to the risk of this deadly illness of testicular cancer.

The condition of Cryptorchidism is one in which the testicles develop in the abdominal area of the fetus but then the testicles do not form fully. When the fetus hasn’t grown fully and is within the womb, development of the testicles begins as a gradual descent. In case the child is delivered and the testicles are not fully developed, the testicles are bound to continue with the development when they are in the starting stage of the life. If the development of the testicles fails to happen, this is what brings about the cryptorchidism.

The problem can occur to both sides and just one side of the testicles. The moment the testicles fail to develop fully, the kids are normally taken for a surgery so as to make them normal and bring them back to the scrotum. Out of this problem, men who are suffering from are supposed to medical check up for the same regularly.

Testicular cancer can also be caused if the child is exposed to DES, when he is in his mother’s womb. The DES is diethylstilbestrol, a compound of estrogen, which was sometimes used in case of women having breast cancer. The medication is not used now on women and those baby boys who are exposed to too much of it during pregnancy is at high risk of getting testicular cancer.

The other cause is when the testicles fail to show proper development, which is called testicular atrophy where the testicles never grow to the required length. Some of the causes of the atrophy are mumps, torsion which is the deficiency in blood supply due to the twisting that happens in the spermatic cord, the trauma.

The exposure of too many chemicals is also another problem that brings about cancer in the testicles. There are certain toxic chemicals or substances that make the testicles develop abnormally. They do not grow the normal way they do and that means they will either be bigger than expected or very small which is really abnormal. This would happen if there is a lot of exposure to the environments with too much chemicals in space and this is something that has been accounted to be huge cause in the past like 30 to 40 years.

There are also drugs that are perfect with causing testicular cancer. If the parent of the boy is exposed to too many drugs consumption it is expected that the child will have testicular cancer because of the same. Grown men who consume a lot of drugs too are affected by drugs. There are also unproven studies that state that a lot of sexual activities are part of the causes of testicle cancer. Sitting while crossing the legs too are also part of the list.

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