Cause Of Swollen Testicle And Alternative Testicular Cancer Test

There are many reasons why a man can suffer from swollen testicles. Testicles are a very important body organ as they are responsible of producing sperm, testosterone, and sexual activity. Swollen testicles can either be painful or not but in both ways you have to make sure that you get them check right away from a doctor.

The swelling might occur due to different reasons like Hydrocele which is fluid accumulation around the scrotum. This is extremely popular among young men and even infants where it is said to affect almost 10 percent of new born babies. It isn’t very serious and will either go on its own or be cured by simple medication or doctor care.

Another reason is spermatocele which is also called cyst and is an abnormal epididymis growth. The main reason behind this is unknown till now but it is said to be due to the fluid being locked inside the tubes. You will find that the cyst consists of fluid that doesn’t contain sperm. It usually doesn’t consist of pain and can easily be taken care of by a doctor.

Another reason epididymitis which involves the epididymis being infected by bacteria or other serious diseases like gonorrhea and Chlamydia which are also considered diseases from unsafe sexual practice. It is most likely to affect men who are in the age range of 21 to 39. It is a very painful condition and can cause other problems like painful urination and sexual activity, high fever, swelling of the lymph nodes, and finally discharge.

Testicular cancer can also be the reason for the swelling and is also one of the most serious reasons. However, you can rest assured that it can easily be fixed. Then he will conduct a physical test where he will check the testicle and scrotum area for any lumps or unusual swelling. He might check the abdomen area as well for any unusual swelling.

If he finds that there is something that is unusual, he might then conduct an ultrasound where this will allow the doctor to have an internal clearer view of what the testicles look like. He will also ask you to get different kinds of blood tests so that he can check your enzyme, protein, and hormone level.

This is important as this will help him understand what you are suffering from is the results turn out to be unusual. If the result ends up that you do in fact have testicular cancer, then the doctor will conduct a surgery so that he can remove the cancer tissues. After that, you will also have to go through many defining surgeries. If the testicular cancer if very serious you will have to go multiple treatments at once.

One thing you should always do is the research the place you are getting your treatment in as cancer is a very serious disease and you have to make sure that the doctors know exactly what you are doing. You also have to follow the doctor’s instructions throughout and after the treatment process.


Cause Of Swollen Testicle And Alternative Testicular Cancer Test
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