Alternative Tests For Diagnosing Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is, in most of the cases, found in men and they are detected by them too. But then, doctors too have the responsibility since they also help with the discovery of the cancer by doing their general examinations. Men do not necessarily visit the hospital with the intention of having their testicles examined but then, they visit the hospital for other checkups and testicular cancer is detected.  If the man notices something abnormal with the testicles, he needs to take charge and visit the doctor. Some of the symptoms that are clear with the men with testicular cancer are: having a painless inflammation or even swelling of the testicles.


They may also have pain or some kind of discomfort in the testicle area or the area of the scrotum.  If the testicles are paining, they are bound to be uncomfortable and they need to be taken to the hospital for a good checkup. Testicles too could have some changes as time passes, may be the way they feel or they might have a different size than the normal size and mostly that happens when they enlarges. You might also find that the scrotum has abnormal weight. There is that weight that is comfortable and that is why it is easy for men to realize when the scrotum has an abnormal weight. The other feel is some small aches in your lower abdominal area, which gradually moves to the lower back and the groin. Having immediate abnormal fluid collection inside the scrotum is the other sign that needs to be watched.


Here is how testicular cancer is diagnosed. The doctor has to know the general health of the man before anything else. It is started with a blood test. Blood tests here measure the level of the tumor markers which are the markers that are found when the cancer is found. Such tumors like AFP, HCG, LDH etc may also mean that there are signs of testicular tumor no matter how minute it might be.

Ultra sound is a test where sound waves of high frequency are bounced hard on the tissues and internal organs, so that their sound brings out a picture namely sonogram and when conducted to the testicle, it shows the availability of a  mass in the testicle. This test is also helpful in other tests that are related to any infection or a collection of fluid that has nothing to do with cancer relate problems.


Biopsy is the last test for cancer. This is the microscopic tests that determine the presence of cancer in the testicles. The testicle that is affected is fully removed through an incision to the groin area. The procedure is known as RIO.

But then, in cases where the man has one testicle, the testicle is not removed but the surgeon would perform inguinal biopsy which is the removal of the sample of the tissue, to test the presence of the cancer and if it is found, the doctor needs to run more tests to see if cancer have spread to the entire testicle or the other body parts, to plan for the treatment.

Alternative Tests For Diagnosing Testicular Cancer
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